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Christmas Gift Ideas: My Top Picks From Zazzle

by Jessica Amey

If you are looking for some Christmas gift ideas that are a little bit different then hopefully you will find some inspiration here. I’ve chosen some things from a website called Zazzle that I love rather a lot and choosing them wasn’t easy, in fact it took hours!

Zazzle is an awesome site that lets you basically personalise and create anything you want but if you don’t want to personalise with your own photos or designs then you can choose patterns from one of the designers who have uploaded their’s, and I warn you now, there is a lot of them!

This is great as it means there is SO much variety on there but the only negative is that trying to find what you want can feel somewhat overwhelming. For instance if I wanted to find some retro fabric then it comes up with 9,609 results! Obviously I would never make it through that many pages so you have to try and really narrow down your search and if you find a design you like then you can click through to that designer’s mini store and see all of their other products. That was my way of doing things as chances are if you like one thing you will like the rest.

To start with you can find what it is you would like to buy, they have pretty much everything from craft supplies, stationary and t-shirts to electronics and homeware. Then once you have found what it is you would like to buy then you can choose a design or upload your own.

So I found a designer called Bohemian Gypsy Jane and basically fell in love with loads of her products. These plates are made from melamine and together with the tea towel would make a great gift for someone who loves crazy, clashing patterns, like me!






This blanket was the thing that led me through to discover all her designs as I just love it, it comes as a baby blanket too and I very nearly bought it for the day when we hopefully have another baby but I thought that might freak Mr C out a bit so I went for the full size version instead but either one would make a good gift. The baby one is made from fleece and is also double sided so would be perfect for going in the pram, can you tell I’m broody right now?!

zazzle-blanket-teepees-bear-design christmas gift ideas




Then I found this cut and sew unicorn fat quarter which is just the best thing ever, it has the pieces you need to make a unicorn on it and all you do is cut them out then sew them together. It would make a great present and the designer has them in a fair few other designs too including a yeti and even a superhero cape. They are fab!

make-your-own-unicorn-zazzle christmas gift ideas

Zazzle is absolutely great for finding Christmas gift ideas so if you want to find something a bit different or make your own something different then it’s definitely worth a look.

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