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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

by Jessica Amey

Mirrors are such a simple decoration for the home but can be used for a variety of different improvements. They are flexible, will fit in almost anywhere, and, of course, they are incredibly useful. If you’re looking for a simple way of upgrading the look of your home for very little expense, mirrors are the way forward! Let’s reflect on all the amazing things you can do with mirrors.

Increase the space
If you have small, cramped rooms, it can be impossible to decorate properly – everything just seems to make the room appear even smaller. However, hang a large mirror on one – or two – of the walls, and you will be amazed by the effect. The reflective glass actually makes your small space look much bigger than before, and it’s a great way of opening out a tiny bathroom – or even a small cupboard room.

Bring in natural light
The reflective nature of mirrors also means you can use them to improve natural lighting in dark and dingy rooms. The sun or other light source enters the room and the mirror helps it along its way, giving you a brighter, sunnier feel to a room that might have previously felt dark and tired. Position your mirrors opposite the main windows or light source for optimal effect.

Luxury for less
You can spend a lot of money on mirrors if you shop at a certain type of shop! But seriously – there’s no need. Instead, try looking around for some grand-looking frames – you can find some great examples amongst these beautiful home items here, or try your local charity and second-hand shops. Then it’s a simple case of asking your local glass factory to cut you a piece of mirror to size, and there you have it – a luxurious highlight of your décor that could easily be used as a centrepiece to a room.

Feng shui benefits
Not everyone ‘feels’ feng shui, of course, but one thing you can say about it is that its practitioners tend to have fantastic looking rooms. And according to experts, mirrors represent water, which can help balance, soften or, bring energy to any room.

Add impact to your statement pieces
If you have a particular centrepiece of your room – a fireplace, for example – then using mirrors can give it a lot more impact. You often see this in grand old dining rooms, when mirrors are used to reflect light back at a beautiful painting or antique piece. If you can get your angles right, you can get some spectacular effects by using your lighting as well.

For last-minute checks
Finally, it would be remiss to mention mirrors without praising them for what their real purpose, which is showing us our reflections. And when you are just about to leave the house or get interrupted by the doorbell, having plenty of mirrors around means you will never get caught looking your worst!

So, to conclude this mirror-based post, why not buy more mirrors? It’s a cheap and incredibly stylish – and tasteful – way of giving your home an upgrade in all manner of ways. Any tips to add?

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