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My Moleta Munro Furniture Wishlist

by Jessica Amey

Moleta Munro is a UK based furniture and lighting company, they have a showroom in Edinburgh and their pieces have a contemporary feel with inspiration taken from the finest Scandinavian designs. They also offer design services.

I absolutely love everything in the shop section of their website, mainly because I love Scandinavian inspired furniture. I’ve put together a wishlist of my favourite pieces.

moleta munro wishlist

1. I love this 1330 William Corner Sofa designed by Damian Williamson. It has polished aluminium alloy feet, the cushions are stuffed with goose down and the cover is removable which is a good thing given the colour! I have to admit that a sofa this colour would never work in our house as Mr C works with cars all day and even after having a bath still manages to leave black marks on things he touches but in my dream home a sofa this colour would appear.

2. This Hackney Three Seater Sofa has been designed by Wrong For Hay and I really like the colour of it. It looks super comfortable too.

3. The 405 Line Blanket has been designed by Eleanor Pritchard and woven in Wales. Grey is another one of my favourite colours and I love the geometric print.

4. The Adaptable Dining Table is by TAF Architects and also comes in black.

5. I adore this Canteen Chair by Klauser and Carpenter for Very Good and Proper. It comes in a few different colours and they can be stacked which would by great for us as it would free up space when we weren’t sitting at our table.

6. As a huge fan of pom poms this Pinocchio Rug caught my attention. They are sustainably made in Nepal and India.

7. This Rest Three Seater Sofa is by Anderssen & Voll. As I mentioned above I love grey so I would love a sofa like this.

8. I love this desk by Byalex. It has a tough laminate worktop that is resistant to abrasion, impacts and stains.

9. And lastly I’ve picked this Bolling Tray Table by Hans Bølling. It comes in 5 different colour combinations and the trays are also reversible.

You can view the full range by clicking the link at the top of the page 🙂

Collaborative post.

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