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Muddy Puddles Kid’s Winter Clothing Review

by Jessica Amey

How cold was the weather last weekend??!

We were up in the Midlands to see my dad for his birthday and for Mr C to drift in a car show, being further up north than where we usually live meant it was a good few degrees colder. It was -1 in the morning and didn’t get much warmer than 3 degrees all day which was a huge shock to the system after it being so mild up until that point, there is never a gradual change in this country!

Luckily the kids were prepared thanks to the snow boots and coats that they had been sent to review by Muddy Puddles. If you are looking for some practical winter clothing for your kids then Muddy Puddles is the place to go, they have everything, including a full ski range which is worth checking out even if you don’t have any trips to the slopes in the pipelines.


It was still freezing at the start of the week so the kid’s have been living in their coats and boots. Cherry went for this yellow waterproof jacket which she loved because it’s her favourite colour, it has a fleece lining and offers 100% protection from water. It’s machine washable and I think it looks great. Then she went for the snow boots in pink which have been amazing, she has confirmed that her feet were warm all weekend and they really were put to the test in the weather we had. They are half price at the moment too making them a real bargain. Tiger is wearing the black ones which are still full price but they also come in two other colours which are also half price. We might not get much actual snow in this country but snow boots are the ultimate foot wear when it’s cold, I’ve been wearing a pair all weekend and my feet didn’t feel at all cold, unlike the rest of me. My dad has even ordered a pair after hearing me talk about how great they were!

muddy puddles kids winter clothing review

Tiger is wearing a ski jacket which kept him so warm, for colder weather it’s a brilliant choice as it has tight bits around the wrists to stop the air from going inside and flaps around the bottom too, it’s also really well padded. Cherry wasn’t quite as warm so I think her coat would need a lot more layers to go underneath to match the ski jacket for warmth. It comes in lots of different designs, we loved this geometric one and although Tiger wasn’t overly impressed it wasn’t ‘car-y’ (his word, he is car mad!), I managed to sell it to him by showing him that he could put cars in the pockets.







We were also sent a pair of puddleflex trousers which we haven’t put to the test yet as it hasn’t been raining but I think it is going to be this weekend so I will share some photos of those soon.

I’m really impressed with the quality of these clothes and we are definitely prepared should it decide to snow at any point this winter, hopefully it will as Cherry was really little last time we had any and she doesn’t remember it. As much as I hate being cold I can handle a few days of snow, as long as it doesn’t stick around for too long!

Thanks to Muddy Puddles for sending us these items to review.


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