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Keeping Warm On Winter Walks With Sprayway

by Jessica Amey

Can I call it winter yet? I know officially it’s not but there are no leaves left on the trees and the weather has been awful so it no longer feels appropriate to call it autumn. We have actually been hibernating far too much as I’ve mentioned before I really do struggle with the cold, as does Cherry. If I look out the window and it’s rainy and cold then the last thing I want to do is go out in it but I do make myself (sometimes) because it’s good to get some fresh air and it always makes you appreciate the warmth of your home even more when you come back inside.

I’ve reached an age now where being prepared for the cold is essential before I can go out in it. I see teenagers these days dressed in next to nothing and the days where that was me feel so long ago, it did used to me though. There was a monument in the town where I grew up and all the boys used to skateboard there and the girls would all sit in a doorway and watch them whilst smoking cigarettes that we had managed to buy in the one newsagents that sold them to underage kids. Come rain or shine we would be there and I don’t think I even owned a coat, instead sticking to huge flared trousers, Buffalo boots and a little vest top. Wearing as little clothes as possible was far more important that being warm, how times have changed!

Now when I go out my number one priority is being warm, as well as comfortable, I know that makes me sound about 85 but the only thing worse than being cold is wearing clothes that are too tight.

Yesterday we went on a walk into town for lunch, it’s not something we usually do but there is nice little café that does fab pizzas so we headed there. We recently stopped putting Tiger in the pushchair and I’m quite surprised as how far he can walk as he’s only just over two and a half. Cherry wouldn’t walk anywhere until she was about 4 and would go on the buggy board but we aren’t using one this time so Tiger doesn’t have that option available. It’s so nice not to take a buggy everywhere with us and the other benefit is that he goes straight to sleep at night as he’s so tired.


I’ve also started using a backpack as it means I can hold Cherry and Tiger’s hands, to be honest I’m not sure how I used a shoulder bag for so long, they are so uncomfortable.

sprayway parka and fleece

sprayway willow parka in navy

sprawyway womens clothing review


I’ve been keeping warm and dry in this Sprayway Parka and fleece that Black sent me a couple of months ago to review. I wore them both last weekend in that freezing weather we had and they kept me super warm. The high neck of the fleece is amazing as I can pull it right up over my face and it’s so thick and warm. I’ve found wearing headbands over my ears makes such a difference to my cold tolerance levels too, I am planning to knit myself a hat.

These photos are from last month when it was warmer and I didn’t need the fleece. I’ve been wearing this coat most days as it’s perfect for everyday trips out especially when it’s raining, the hood offers great rain protection. I’ve been really impressed with the quality of it however the only thing I would say is if you see a little white dot on the inside lining don’t try to pull it off as it starts pulling the stuffing out which can ruin the look a bit. You can fix it by pulling the lining away from the coat until the stuffing goes back inside.  I can’t fault it other than that though, it is lined with super warm fleece and can even be worn in snow. Oh and it has massive pockets which are always useful.




Thanks to Blacks for sending me these items, you can see the full Sprayway range over on their website.

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