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Must-Sees In Benidorm For A Family Getaway

by Jessica Amey

Flying over Costa Blanca with your family, you’re instantly hit by a wave of excitement. The region is packed with attractions, and Benidorm is no exception. Even a simple day at the beach results in treasured memories shared between you and your loved ones. Grab your bags, and let’s jet off on a family trip to this treasured side of Spain.

Levante Beach

​Image by xiquinhosilva, used under CC License

Grab your sunglasses, parasols and sun cream – it’s beach time! Levante Beach is popular among Brits, thanks to its fine sands and local facilities. It’s a Blue Flag beach, so you can rest easy knowing your children are in safe hands. Kick back and gaze out to Benidorm Island, or join in one of the many games of beach volleyball or football. If you’re travelling with younger kids, be sure to grab a bucket and spade – the sand here is perfect for molding sandcastles and fortresses. Equally appealing in the heat of the day or first thing in the morning, a trip here is sure to please all of the family.

Benidorm Island

Kids love exploring, so take them on a boat trip to Benidorm Island. It’s 2 miles from the mainland, but rewards visitors with adventurous opportunity to get to know a different side to the area. Take the time to explore the luscious green shores and allow the kids to let off a little steam. Even the journey itself is an ideal opportunity to spend precious time playing pirate ship games with the little ones – a’hoy!

Castle Stairway

​Image by James Duncan, used under CC License

Benidorm Castle, also known as Castle Stairway, is renowned throughout Spain. With its impressive grandeur and panoramic viewpoints, it’s easy to see why. An afternoon spent here introduces the children to early Spanish ways of life, and presents some great photo opportunities. Why not take the opportunity to reengage with your inner child and indulge in a fantasy game of knights and dragons with the little ones?

The Old Town

Whilst you’re there, stop by Benidorm’s old town on your way home. It’s important to take the time to visit here, as your children will lap up the sense of traditional Spanish culture which they’ll cherish long after your return. Navigate your way through narrow back alleys and sheltered tapas bars, or take the the time to cool off with a glass of fruit juice before you make your way back to the hotel or resort.

Benidorm is a multi-faceted city which attracts families of all ages throughout the year. Upon visiting, you’ll soon see why.

Elma Humpries is a content writer, photographer and blogger. She loves exploring the world and discovering new cultures and food.

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