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3 Reasons Why You Should Visit Basingstoke

by Jessica Amey

When you have a lot of options of places you would like to visit, it is hard to make up your mind and choose one. However, there are some destinations that are ideal for people who start their travel career, or they are now getting into the whole travelling thrill.

Are you planning a trip to the UK and you try to come up with a travel schedule? Have you already noted down big cities, like London, but you’re interested in exploring some less touristy or less known areas in the country? Have you heard of Basingstoke? Would you like to learn about it? If yes, you can just keep reading because you’ll find three reasons why you
must visit it.

Reason 1: Location
Basingstoke is to the south of England, and it belongs to the county of Hampshire. It is close to big cities like Reading and Southampton. Basingstoke itself is one of the largest towns in its county. It is pretty great to visit or even to live permanently as it offers many entertainment and cultural venues that you’d expect in a modern city but it also has a rich historical heritage. There are many places downtown and on the outskirts of the town that you should devote a couple of hours of your day to visit and explore. Booking a car ride with Enjoy Travel will give you the freedom to get from one place to another quickly and without worries about tickets and timetables. Talking with locals and people who know the area well will also provide you with extra insights into the town and cool places that only locals know.

Reason 2: Entertainment
There is a plethora of fun activities and cultural events that you can attend. There is something for everyone. The Anvil Theatre has a rich programme of varied performances, from classical opera performances to stand-up comedy shows. You’ll also find fun pastime activities, like going to the cinema, and sports facilities, like ice skating, bowling and swimming. And of course, for shopping lovers, the Festival Place is one of the greatest shopping centres in the South of England.

Reason 3: Highclere Castle and Gardens
You might have heard the name of the Highclere Castle before because it is where the successful BBC TV series Downton Abbey was filmed. People from over 100 countries got to see and admire the magnificence of the place.

Despite its recent popularity, Highclere Castle is a place with a rich history behind it. There are references to it that date back to 749, but it was rebuilt in 1679 and purchased by Sir Robert Sawyer. About two hundred years later, it was renovated by Sir Charles Barry, one of the architects responsible for redesigning the House of Parliament after a destructive fire in 1834. During the First World War, the castle functioned as a hospital, while during the Second World War it turned into a shelter for kids who needed to escape London.

Nowadays, many activities go on there, like guided tours of the castle, an Egyptian exhibition, filming and wedding receptions.

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