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Perfect Beach Getaways in Ireland

by Jessica Amey

Although Ireland is covered with clouds most of the time, the little time of the year that has the sun shining, the country becomes one of the most beautiful places ever.

During the summer, this little heaven becomes the perfect destination for a summer getaway and what better thing to do in the summer than visit beaches with the family. You can have a relaxing day with the chilly breeze cooling you down while you watch the kids paddling, swimming, or even
building sandcastles all over. Better still, you can have picnics planned with your family and friends.

And you are in luck! Ireland boasts of some 100 plus beaches and lakes, with more than 75% of them deemed as excellent by the EU standards. So, the question now isn’t which beach to go to but which ones are the VERY best.

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With this in mind, I have decided to make things easier for you and compile a list of some of the best beaches for kids and family as a whole. And although this list has is based on safety, cleanliness, and environmental management, it is majorly a list of which are our favourites as most of the beaches all pass the criteria.

Brittas Bay, County Wicklow
An east coast beach which is very deserving of a mention of this list. It is a quite busy beach but this does nothing to reduce its beauty. On the days when we are blessed with sunshine, you can be rest assured that this beach will be packed full of Dublin residents and locals of the county, all looking for the perfect spot on the sand to camp their family.

The kids will be thrilled with the sand dunes they can play with all day and the adults can’t get enough of the water. Tons of water sports to engage in so you can never be bored. If you are thinking of checking this beach out, then you better get an early start as the traffic can be out of this world on weekends.

The beach also boasts of lifeguards, toilet facilities, and shops where you can get the occasional snack and ice cream, making it one of the best spots to spend time with family.

Ballybunion Beach, Kerry
At Ballybunion in North Kerry, you get the extra joy of having two beaches to explore; the Men’s Beach and Ladies’ Beach. These two beaches are separated by a cliff that houses an old castle. Although the castle is now in ruins, it is still a fun spot to explore.

Both beaches are more than safe for swimming and are even more popular for surfing. Visitors from Los Angeles will feel right at home here. What more? You can also explore the Black Rocks on the Men’s Beach when the tide is out. You can also fish for crabs and periwinkles, an especially fun thing to do.

The Ladies’ Beach also has the extra attraction of superb rock formations and shallow caves to explore. Rockpools to try out, and you will definitely not want to miss out on the therapeutic seaweed baths.

Tramore Beach, Waterford
This 5km sandy beach is perfect for swimming beginners as it is quite shallow for a considerable distance especially when the tide is in.

Moreover, there are lots of Life Guards and Blue Flag are everywhere to ensure the utmost safety on this beach. It is regarded as the safest beach for surfing beginners in the area. A trip to this beach will not be complete without a trip down the sand dunes, you will be wowed beyond your imagination.

Enniscrone Beach, Sligo
This one right here is practically the safest and tidiest along the Irish west coast and stretches for an incredible 5km. if you are just looking for a perfect spot to just lay down and relax, or you will love to go for a walk or run, then this is incredibly ideal for you. You can lay down in the sun and watch the kids play in the sand.

Also, the water is very safe for swimming and a popular surfing destination. But these are not all it has to offer. You can also do some kite surfing, beach fishing, as well as horse riding. In fact, if you are in luck, you can even participate in the annual horse racing event.

Doonbeg, County Clare
The beaches in Clare are incredibly perfect for surfing. You get the options of Lahinch and Kilkee, amongst others. But, the quiet and peaceful Doonbeg gets a spot of this list for those exact same reasons. Coupled with it being a great spot for surfing, it comes with a serene tranquility that just radiates peace. The beautiful picturesque village and its beaches are a must.

White Strand Beach, the nearest beach to the town, is very safe and has a huge ecological impact. With lifeguards always present, the safe inlet is a perfectly safe spot for swimming during summer.

Banna Co. Kerry
This is a long sandy beach about 7km from Tralee town. It features an incredible view of the Dingle Peninsula Mountains, Maulin Mountain, and Kerry head. It offers activities for both adults and children alike which includes camping, swimming, and seemingly endless dunes for the smaller kids to play with.

Rosses Point, County Sligo
Located some 8km from Sligo town, this is another beautiful sandy beach with lots of sand dunes. With more than enough lifeguards always at weekends, it is a safe spot to go swimming or any water sport. The spectacular view of the Dartry Mountains and Sligo bay makes the beach a very beautiful one.

Silver Strand, Dugort, County Mayo
This is a secluded beach close to Killadoon, Mayo. It is hyped as being one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland and this isn’t far-fetched. Perfectly places between rocky headlands and high sand dunes, it is a great spot for swimming away from the public eye.

Inchydoney, County Cork
Just a bit further down the south coast, you will see this beach a few kilometres away from Clonakilty. Although it often gets too windy to enjoy a quick swim, it is still a great spot to sunbathe and picnic with the family.

Redbarn Beach
Located some 5km from Youghal, this is another long, sandy beach with lots of sand dunes. Perfect for walks and exploration, the kids will not want for new nooks and crannies. During the bathing season, the beach offers lifeguards and lifesaving equipment to ensure the safety of visitors.

These beaches are by no means the entire list of possible beaches to go. But, in our opinion, they are the top beaches to visit in Ireland. They all offer everything from safety to great options of fun things to do.

So, when next you are planning your trip to Ireland, be sure to add one or more of these beaches to your itinerary.

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