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My Dream House

by Jessica Amey

One day, when I live in my dream house (it will happen!), it won’t have any carpet.

We only have it upstairs at the moment but I hate it.

It’s such a dust trap and it creeps me out to imagine all the dust mites living in it.

Ideally I would like floor boards painted white throughout the entire house but given how Mr C comes home from his workshop covered in grimy black oil I might need to re-think that!

Although if it’s my dream house we are living in then it would have an entry room with a shower and washing machine for Mr C to clean up before coming into the actual house so maybe white floors could still work…

There is one downside to not having carpet though which is that the floors can be really cold to walk on and if you have kids they might find it too cold to sit on the floor and play, especially during winter.

Which is why rugs are the perfect solution. They are like temporary, easily cleanable carpets, I love the way you can just take them outside and shake the dust off.

My Rug Store has HUNDREDS of rugs, modern ones, kids ones, traditional ones, shaggy ones, the list goes on…

This is my favourite one, I love the colours and it’s been photographed on white floorboards which is exactly the flooring I would be putting it on!

rug 3

What about you?

Are you a fan of carpet?

Post contains a sponsored link but all the words are my own.

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