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Pasta With Pesto Please

by Jessica Amey

I wrote a post a couple of years ago about how Cherry would only eat pasta with pesto and since then not an awful lot has changed.

When she asks what’s for tea and I tell her she will usually come out with ‘I don’t like that, I will have pasta with pesto please’ and we do usually end up cooking it for her.

We have tried other ways of doing things but we always end up going back to just letting her eat the thing she likes the most because I just don’t want to make dinner time a stressful time for everyone.

I find the more relaxed she is and the happier we are, the more likely she is to try new foods. If we get stressed then all she does is insist on eating even less.

So things are improving. She loves avocado, brown rice with basil tofu, fish, baked beans, is getting much better with vegetables and loves all fruit.


We also give her wholemeal pasta to make things as healthy as possible.

There is always room for improvement though which is why I’ve signed the Organix No Junk Pledge.

It’s so important for our children to be healthy, they are our next generation and the food being sold these days is worse than ever, with high levels of sugar, salt and fat.

Organix are trying to change that by starting a food revolution. They are calling for the government and food industry to do their part and put tougher controls on what is going into our children’s food.

The campaign starts next Monday and runs for a week during which time I will be cooking simple meals from scratch and involving Cherry in the process as well as cutting out any junk food.

Do you think more should be done to make kid’s food healthier?

If you want to sign the pledge and find out more then you can do so here.

Post in association with Organix.

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