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My Furniture Village Top Picks

by Jessica Amey

Today I’m going to sharing my top picks from the Furniture Village website. They sell a large range of furniture and you can sort it by style, the Scandi section being my favourite.


1. We desperately need a new bed frame at the moment, we upgraded our mattress to a super king last year which is AMAZING! When we go away I’m always shocked at how small a double bed is, it feels like we are sleeping on top of each other, when we are in a super king I don’t even know Mr C is there. At the moment it is just placed on top of our old frame though so the edges hang over. I love this simple white frame and would brighten it up with either some fairy lights of some of my crochet bunting.

2. I love the colour of this chair and it’s apparently big enough for two people, although I think I would prefer it all to myself 😉

3. Love the colour of this yellow Ercol stool.

4. I really like the pattern on this rug, it’s so sweet.

5. I’ve chosen a few Ercol products but I love the colour and look of this rocking chair.

6. I like the pattern on this little armchair.

7. This spotlight lamp would be perfect for reading.

8. We also need some bunk beds for the kids, Tiger currently has a mattress under Cherry’s cabin bed which is fine at the moment but at some point we need to switch for something a bit better.

9. I have a thing for grey so love this sofa.

10. And finally another Ercol product, I really like this dining table.

You can find all these products and many more over on the Furniture Village website.

What furniture desperately needs replacing in your house?

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