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Some Rambling And A Cold Spring Walk At Tintinhull Garden

by Jessica Amey

We went for a walk at Tintinhull Garden at the weekend, it’s a National Trust property which isn’t too far from us but we’ve never been before. It’s really small so unless you live near it I wouldn’t recommend but if you are close enough then it’s a nice little spot for a picnic.

When the sun did come out from behind the clouds it was nice, if still completely freezing, but when it went in being outside was not fun at all so we didn’t stay for long. I don’t know what is going on with the weather this year but it’s still so cold, I haven’t even stopped wearing my snow boots. I can’t even tell you how much I’m looking forward to some proper warm sun.

It hasn’t stopped Cherry from wearing her jelly sandals though, she found them in a bag last week and has worn them every day since, no matter what the weather. Kids just don’t seem to feel the cold. I must be getting old though as I’m always freezing!

I say it all the time here but our National Trust memberships are so worth the money, I pay about £9 a month for all of us which is such a bargain given that it costs more than that for us to visit one place. I went to a different properly last week to meet up with some friends and it’s so good to know that no matter where you are there is always somewhere lovely you can visit for free. The only downside is that when you visit places in the week the older people visiting look visibly annoyed when children make a noise. It amazes me how much some older people can’t stand being around children, surely a lot of them had their own at some point?!

tintinhull garden

blosson tree national trust tintinhull garden

swing tintinhull garden

tintinhull garden


national trust tintinhull garden house

swing tintinhull garden

national trust tintinhull garden

After such a difficult first year where Cherry hated Tiger it’s so nice to see how much they love each other these days. They really are the best of friends and Cherry always talks about how they are going to live with each other when they are grown ups which melts my heart a little bit every single time.

Anyway sorry for all the rambling, I’ve been a bit quiet here recently because we are doing something exciting next weekend. I don’t want to say too much just in-case for any reason it doesn’t happen but all being well I will be sharing our news with you soon, and I can promise you it doesn’t have anything to do with being pregnant!


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