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Letting The Kids Design A Snapfish Photo Blanket

by Jessica Amey

When Snapfish got in contact about their range of home décor items I thought it would be fun to let the kids design a photo blanket, the personalised blankets are a really fun way to display your photos around your home.

Designing the Snapfish photo blanket is really easy and there are so many different possibilities when it comes to the layout. There are templates or you can just put them wherever you like. There are also lots of different embellishments and text options. It’s super easy to add photos, you can either upload them from your computer or connect to Instagram.

The kids decided they wanted to make it look like a blackboard so we made the background dark then used some of the embellishments to look like the photos were stuck on and some others to fill in the gaps. There is a blackboard section which had some really fun things in.

The kids chose some photos they liked, they love the one of us when we dressed up as the Addams Family.

snapfish photo blanket

When the blanket arrived I was actually so surprised at how good the photo quality was, the one of us dressed up was only taken on my phone but it actually looks better on the blanket than it does on the screen!

snapfish photo blanket

snapfish photo blanket

snapfish photo blanket

As you can tell, the kids are really happy with their creation and I am too actually, it’s such a nice keepsake. They measure 60 x 50 inches so a really good size too.

snapfish photo blanketSnapfish have a range of products in their home décor range, you can also choose from cushions as well as wall art. Whether it’s for a gift for someone else or just yourself there is lots to choose from.

And if you want to make an order then I have a discount code for you. All you need to do is visit the website – here – and use this code at the checkout – JESSHOME50 – which will give you 50% off your order!

‘In collaboration with Snapfish’

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