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Practical Guide For Visiting Rome With Children

by Jessica Amey

Travelling the world doesn’t have to be a daunting task now, does it? It is common for people to be hesitant to travel the world with their families,
especially kids because of all the presumed hassles it could bring but it does not have to be like that.

Visiting Rome with your family in your upcoming vacation is a decision you will never regret. Rome, like Italy in general, is filled with so many family-friendly places you can visit and tons of activities you and your family are definitely going to enjoy doing together. There is no reason you should pass up the chance for you and your family to enjoy some memorable scoops of artisanal gelato.

How to prepare for your trip

Even though the city is full of historic monuments, Baroque churches and crumbling ruins, there is much more to see, a lot more to experience and a bunch of stuff you and your kids are going to enjoy and learn. But before you get down to Italy, there are a few things you need to do right just before you embark on this trip:

– Learn a few Italian words and phrases: Language barrier can be a huge
deal-breaker in your trip. So, take an initiative of learning some few
common Italian words and phrases that will get you around Rome. Getting
to know the common greetings, names of Italian cuisines and locations
will just make your trip better. You can learn Italian online on platforms
like Babbel
and get your language ready. The lessons are so interactive
and fun that you could even involve your kids!

– Pack right for your kids: Packing for kids is a skill and when it comes to
packing for your Rome trip, be sure to pack light and smart. It means
being a lot more practical in the packing. Just pack what you need and
always remember to bring their favourite toys and other forms of

– Know what clothes and shoes to pack: It is important to be aware of the
time you are visiting Rome so that you know whether to pack light or pack
heavy clothing, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. Despite
the fact that there are transit methods for the public in Rome, you’d
rather walk and not miss all the fun. Pack clothes that will favour you and
the kids. Apart from just the clothes and shoes, be sure to carry along
some sun protection, reusable water bottles, quality camera, extra
portable charger and a big-wheel stroller.

Family friendly activities to do in Rome
There are plenty of family friendly activities for you and your family in this
ancient city that you are definitely going to enjoy. If you are planning to go
holidaying with your family in Rome, then these activities are just what you should look forward to:

– Visit the Colosseum: This is arguably the first thing everyone wants to
visit in while in Rome and you and the kids are going to love it. Take a
family-friendly guided tour of this massive historic site to teach your kids
the rich history of the city and go back in time to the days of the Roman
Empire. It is not only informative but fun too and also a great place for a
family selfie.

– Visit the stunning Villa Borghese: This is an amazing location for you and
your family. You can get to hire a special bike called riscio that has the
capability of accommodating up to six people in one ride. This is the
perfect way for you and your family to get around the park in a beautiful
bike. But once here, don’t forget to stop for a family picnic on the
fantastic lawns or just step into one of the beautiful cafes for some local
cuisines. After you have stuffed your faces, get to the lookout point and
enjoy the awesome view of Rome. Furthermore, there are tons of
activities like the Bioparco Express for the younger kids and the Galleria
Borghese Museum for your older kids to take part in.

– The Trevi Fountain: This is one location your children are going to enjoy.
This is probably the most renowned fountain in all of of Rome. Let your
kids participate in the famous coin toss and feel the adrenaline rush
through them.

– Get to Piazza Spagna and climb The Spanish Steps. The kids are going to
love it here, running up and down the staircase and watch people from
different walks of life converge here just to enjoy the view. There are a
total of 138 steps for you to climb up and down. They are worth your

Rome is a city you and your family should not pass up on. The ancient city is a world famous destination that will have you and the kids enjoy up to the last minute of your trip. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the food because Rome is full of cafes that will have your faces stuffed. You’re definitely not going to regret going on this trip.

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