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When We’re Not In Pretty Flower Fields

by Jessica Amey

I love visiting pretty places, ones like the flower fields where these photos were taken.

When we’re not in pretty fields of flowers though you can find us hanging out somewhere quite different.

I’ve mentioned before that Mr C drifts cars and last weekend we drove up to Silverstone so he could take part in a car show.

We left the house at 6am expecting to arrive at 9am but after problems with the trailer and a road closure we didn’t actually arrive until 10.30 meaning that we’d been in the car for four and a half hours!

Despite the last ten minutes being a bit stressful due to Cherry having a meltdown about her snotty nose, Mr C having a meltdown because he thought we were lost and me having a meltdown because everyone else was, the kids actually dealt with it really well.

It’s good to know that we can now go on long car journeys again without it being too much of an ordeal.

They were very relieved to arrive and get out of the car though.





The kids loved watching Mr C do his thing, I still find it a bit scary but generally I feel better about it than him doing motocross, despite this being much faster, at least his bones are protected by a roll cage!

(Photo credit: We Love Car Shows)

After having a walk around and getting an ice-cream we started the long drive home.



We stopped at a little pub for dinner to break the journey up and discovered the most gorgeous garden out the back. There were little ducks that kept coming over to be fed chips, I really wish it my local pub although I would probably end up spending a fortune in there! It was the perfect setting to drink a glass on Pimm’s in the sun while the kids played. I know I say it every week but I really am going to miss summer.

photo (13)

Hope you all had a good weekend.

Oh and on an un-related note, my blog was featured in the July edition of At Home Magazine which was very exciting!

photo (14)

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