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How To Paint And Drill Pumpkins!

by Jessica Amey

Halloween has been really fun this year, Cherry is old enough to understand it all plus it’s her birthday tomorrow so it’s a day that is always exciting and that has lots of memories, mainly of me screaming on the sofa while Mr C kept answering the door to give out sweets. I can’t believe it has been four years since I became a mummy, it feels like a lifetime ago but at the same time has gone really quickly. It’s scary to think in three times Cherry’s life so far she will be 16!!

Yesterday we sat in the garden to paint our pumpkins, it was so unbelievably warm, in fact today has been like summer, absolutely crazy considering it’s November tomorrow.


pumpkins garden

We painted our pumpkins with acrylic paint and Cherry of course went crazy with the glitter.

Painted Pumpkins 2

Tiger also managed to paint a little one.

Then I took the drill to mine (see video below), I am shockingly bad at carving pumpkins. Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy did a great post on carving characters into pumpkins but even still I knew I couldn’t do it so I drilled 50 holes in mine instead!

I like being non-traditional AND I hate scooping out the middle so I poked glowsticks in through the holes meaning no cutting or scooping was required.

Mr C and Cherry did the other one and used the glowsticks for hair.

painted pumpkins


Pumpkins are definitely not my forte!

Here’s a little video of our Halloween including a shot of me drilling my pumpkin which Mr C found highly amusing 😉

And just to point out the horrid outfit I’m wearing in the painting scenes is due to me not wanting to get any of my clothes covered in paint!!

Happy Halloween!


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