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Barbie Dream House Review

by Jessica Amey

Life in the Barbie Dream House…

A few months ago Cherry was sent a Princess Alexa Barbie and I wrote about my thoughts on Barbie Dolls and why I don’t mind the kids playing with them so when we were offered a Barbie Dream House to review I happily agreed as I knew Cherry would love it and I have to admit even I was pretty excited when the box arrived.

The Barbie Dream House was quick and easy to put together although we do have a couple of bits that I can’t for the life of me work out where they are supposed to go.

One of the coolest features of the house is the lift that you can clip a doll which then pulls them up and down the stairs, it does sometimes get a bit stuck and needs me to fix it but as long as you are gentle it works well.

barbie dream house

The Barbie Dream House comes with a full set of furniture and accessories including little plates, cutlery and toothbrushes.

The bed lifts up and converts into a shower and wardrobe unit and the floor where the bed goes also lifts up to enable the house to close. I’ve added a little video below which shows it in all it’s positions as well as the kids playing with it and Cherry giving away my ‘how I got to make this film secrets’ 😉

Tiger likes playing with the house too, although he mainly likes driving the cars across the roof. The house is sturdy enough for him to bang and rattle it without doing any damage though which is good.

barbie dream house

The living room comes with an iPhone holder which given that Cherry is only three we won’t be using but the idea is that it becomes a telly for the Barbies. Doll’s houses will have flushing toilets soon!

barbie dream house

Speaking of toilets, the house of course has one and call me immature but there is something quite amusing about putting dolls on a pretend toilet.

barbie dream house

Now for the video…

I’m going to be a lot more active on my Youtube channel too so do come over and say hi.

We were gifted this product for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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