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Snowy Sensations and White Wonderlands: Chilly Breaks For The Whole Family

by Jessica Amey

Planning a family trip fills us all with joy and excitement. The thought of your little ones faces lighting up as you enter a new country or unfamiliar territory is second to none. You love watching them explore the new smells, sounds and sights of a brand new destination and you make every effort to ensure it is an educational and fun holiday for everybody. If you are stuck for ideas for next winter or you’re still hoping to catch some of the snow in Europe then you can look no further. Consider these family friendly destinations where you’re almost guaranteed to see snow fall.

Snowsuits and Skis
Bundle up your little munchkins and grab your skis because France is the place to go if you want to hang out in the snow. No matter how much of a beginner you or your children are there is something for everybody to enjoy in the Three Valleys ski area. From one to one snowboarding lessons to individual skiing down the dusty slopes, your whole family can bond over their love of the outdoors. Let your children breathe in the fresh, crisp air and take in the stunning views of the snowy mountain tops. Wear them out all day long and they are bound to sleep well at night, whilst you snuggle in front of a burning fire with a delicious hot chocolate or mulled wine.

Cities and Skating
Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities in the winter time. Full of activities to keep the little ones happy, you certainly won’t be short of things to do here. Throw on your ice skates and sail across the makeshift rinks in the middle of the city. Grab a ride on the huge Ferris wheel and take in the twinkling lights of the city at night time. In the daylight you can take a pony ride, miniature rail ride or find your way around the forest of trees. With special children’s events held all winter long you won’t be lost for activities.

Fun and Fairy Tales
Bremen is a symbolic place to visit with your children, due to its famous mention in the Grimm fairy tale books. In the winter it is full of joy and sprightly fun as the traditional medieval quarter becomes home to a classic fairground. Grab a freshly baked bun as you stroll down the river side and catch a ride on one of the boats if you have ship lovers in the family. Due to its position in northern Germany you are almost guaranteed to see snow here too!

There is nothing better than escaping to a cool and crisp climate and experiencing a whole new culture with your family. Step into a snowy, magical world and let your little ones run freely in the fresh air. Allow them to try out new skills with a skiing trip or teach them about the historical facts of Bremen. Wherever you choose to go, make it a snowy adventure to remember.

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