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Spending The Day Outside – Skateboarding And Bike Riding

by Jessica Amey

We love spending time outside but this winter have spent far too much time indoors as it’s been so cold.

These photos are from the day before my operation (they didn’t find anything which is good although also bad as no answers for my symptoms) which was just over two weeks ago now. I wanted to do something outside as I knew I would be stuck indoors recovering for at least a week.

I find if we don’t plan something to do in advance though then the day is a bit of a disaster and we end up not really knowing what to do. That’s what happened on this day, we drove around for a while before deciding on a walk in some local woods and a stop off at a village hall to do some outside activities like bike riding, skateboarding and scootering. I should point out that I didn’t do any of these things!

outside in the woods

outside walking


outside at national trust

weekend 5

Mr C used to be an obsessive skateboarder when we were teenagers, I wrote here about how we’ve known each other since we were 13, and this was where we used to come all those years ago. The girls would all watch the boys skateboard and we all used to camp down at the bottom of the field. In fact this was where I got drunk for the first time! It was so funny to relive all those memories.

weekend 8

weekend 11

weekend 12

weekend 13

weekend 14

weekend 15

It was so nice to spend lots of time outside, the weather was a little bit milder which made it a more bearable.

I really want to buy a bike too so we can all go for family bike rides. It’s a shame as after Mr C’s motocross bike accident he has real problems with his ankle, there is no cartilage left so even walking for an hour can leave him in pain for a week. Hopefully bike riding is something we will be able to do without him being unable to walk for a week afterwards.

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