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Spring Has Arrived Part Two

by Jessica Amey

As the weather was so nice last weekend we got to spend two days in the outdoors which was such a nice feeling after being stuck indoors all last week with two ill kids. On Saturday we went to the beach in Clevedon and on Sunday we went to some woods for a picnic.

This was the first time Tiger had been put down on grass and he kept pulling a funny face every time he touched it, it was rather amusing. Oh and ignore his clashing outfit, our washing machine broke last week and we had no clean clothes!




Cherry has insisted on wearing this dress at all times. She has overlooked the fact it’s a Rapunzel dress and has decided it is a Queen Elsa one. She’s been marching around singing Let It Go and freezing people’s hearts for days. She was even running around the supermarket ‘freezing’ everything which involved lots of hand throwing and shouting at the top of her voice!

I love this photo as she looks so grumpy. She’s developed a bit of Queen Elsa’s attitude and keeps stomping around everywhere.


This photo makes me laugh too as I was trying to get Cherry to pose with Mr C and Tiger for a photo but she wouldn’t so I told her she couldn’t be in it. Then of course she went running into it!


After having a picnic we went for a nice walk. Queen Cherry decided she was too tired though so she got to test out Tiger’s new buggy which has been sent to us by Cosatto. It’s a Giggle and the review will be coming up on the blog soon.


Now the weather is nicer I’m really looking forward to spending more time in our garden.

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