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Summer and Swimwear

by Jessica Amey

I heard something rather exciting on the radio the other day. It was to do with our weather and how our Summer’s will be getting hotter and drier (It also said our Winter’s will be warmer and wetter but I will chose to ignore that part!).

I really hope we have a nice Summer this year, I’m so excited about trips to the beach as J is old enough to join in a bit more. Last year I ended up sitting in the shade with him every time we went anywhere in the sun.

It does however mean I need to buy some new swimwear, I’ve just been looking at the women’s bikini range at Joules and I really love their cover ups, especially the blue stripy one.

joules swimwear

I also need a new bikini / swimming costume as I don’t even own one at the moment!

I think I will probably opt for a bikini so my tummy is still exposed to the sun, plus I’ve always wondered how you go for a wee when you’re out in a swimming costume, it can’t be easy!

Do you prefer swimming costumes or bikinis?

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