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Taste Testing Vegan Products: Tofurkey, Chocolate, Sausages and Croissants

by Jessica Amey

I love nothing more than discovering new vegan products so when I went into Seasons in Exeter (a 100% vegan store) and then the big Waitrose there I picked up a few bits that I hadn’t tried before. I’ve actually been getting a lot of emails from people asking what I use for my vegan essentials so I will do a post on that too soon.

vegan products chocolate bar snickers

Jokerz Candy Bar: This is basically a vegan Snickers bar and it’s seriously good! Not too much chocolate and a nice nutty flavour, I will definitely buy one of these again. They aren’t cheap so it’s definitely more of an occasional treat but when you want that sugary chocolate bar hit, it works perfectly. I found them to buy online from here

vegan products white chocolate almond bar

Vegan Hero White Almond Bar: This is amazing too, the thing I like about vegan white chocolate is that it doesn’t have that horrible cow taste to it, it’s not as sickly. It’s not creamy in the same way, if you have just transitioned then you might notice a big difference but after a few weeks of being vegan your tastes adjust and you no longer expect that creaminess from things. I guess what I’m saying is that if you are a die-hard white chocolate fan and you’ve just become vegan then you might find this disappointing but in it’s own right it’s amazing. And it has almond pieces all the way through for taste and crunch. You can buy them online here.

Probios Vegan Chocolate Croissants: These were an interesting one, Tiger loved them and ate them straight out the pack but Cherry didn’t like them. I heated mine up for a bit in the oven and really enjoyed it but it did have a strong alcohol taste. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant but it was quite noticeable, they weren’t alcohol flavoured but I did notice they had ethyl alcohol in the ingredients. I’m not sure what part that plays but I’m guessing that’s what I could taste, it’s listed as being one of the chocolate cream ingredients. The chocolate is quite dark tasting too so maybe not a good choice for those who aren’t fans of dark chocolate. Again though your tastes change to like dark chocolate I think once you’re vegan, well mine did anyway. I used to despise it but now I love it. Overall I liked it though, I’m not entirely sure I would buy it again although you can get plain ones and I would definitely buy those as warm croissants with jam used to be a favourite of mine. These are made with a sourdough starter too which is good. I can’t find an online stockist but I quite frequently see them in healthfood shops and you can read more about them here.

probios chocolate croissant

vegan products tofurkey slices

tofurkey cranberry avocado sandwich

Tofurkey: This was my first time tasting Tofurkey, which I think is quite big over in America, and although it wasn’t massively inspiring on it’s own, it worked so well in a sandwich. I had it with cranberry sauce, avocado and salad, on toasted sourdough and it was so good I ate about three sandwiches that day! You can get all different flavours and types so I will definitely be trying some others but I would definitely buy this again. You can buy it online here.

vegan products dragonfly vegan burgersDragonfly Eastern Spice Burgers: I’m usually a big fan of Dragonfly products, their original Soysages are amazing and I like the other burgers too but I have to admit I wasn’t a huge fan of this flavour. I grabbed them as I hadn’t tried them before but wouldn’t buy them again. I will definitely continue to buy the other flavours though. You can see them all here.

vegan products cauldron vegan sausages

Cauldron Vegan Sausages: These are new and there is a vegan burger too, I found them in the frozen section in Waitrose. It’s nice to have a new vegan sausage to try from the supermarket freezer, I do like the Linda McCartney ones but I don’t love them, I find them a bit too processed. These are good as they aren’t trying to be meat, they are made from beans and taste of tomato. I really liked them and will definitely be buying them again to keep in my freezer.

There are so many vegan products out there these days so I will no doubt be doing another one of these posts soon.

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