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Making Memories With The Graco Milestone Car Seat

by Jessica Amey

As a family we do a fair bit of driving and although we’ve had a few nightmare occasions involving puke, screaming or constant moaning, thankfully most of the time driving is a fairly enjoyable experience. I absolutely love driving, I only passed my test about five years ago but the novelty never wore off and I always drive if we are going on a family day out or on holiday.

I think the main reason I like it is because I love singing and it’s my time to do that. I’ve never taken nursery rhymes into the car because I’m sure my love of driving would wear off pretty quickly under those circumstances! Luckily the children have always been happy to listen to our music, in fact I’ve never known them not to like a song and they happily sing along to all kinds of songs.

Towards the end of last summer we were sent a couple of Grace Milestone Car seats to test out. They are great because you can use them from day one right through to when your child is either 12 or 135cm, it’s basically the only car seat you will need which is not only good from a financial point of view but also an environmental one. As it’s not recommended to buy second hand car seats and they sell different sizes, you could end up getting through 3+ doing it the other way and they will all end up going into landfill afterwards.

The Graco Milestone goes from being a rear-facing infant seat to forward-facing 5 point harness to high-back booster, and it has a 10 position headrest which you can adjust easily to make sure everything is in the right place as your child grows.

graco milestone car seat

Tiger still uses a 5 point harness on his but Cherry uses it as a high-back booster so although they are both using the same seat it looks different, yet both of them find them comfortable. The kids have already made lots of memories in them as they sat in them on our holiday down to Cornwall and a trip up to the Midlands for a car show.

graco milestone moments

When you do a lot of driving, making sure the kids are comfortable is fairly crucial to whether or not the experience is enjoyable, we’ve had a car seat in the past that Cherry hated and it meant she complained. Both of them are happy with the Graco Milestone and for that reason they get a big thumbs up from me.

You can read all about them over on the Graco website. They are also asking you to share your milestone moments using the #milestonemoments, it could be anything from a funny moment when you all laughed about something or maybe a not so funny moment that will end up being a memory for different reasons!

I know that I will always remember my two head-banging to Royal Blood as we drove down to Cornwall!

Thanks to Graco for working with us on this post.

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