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The Affair, Vintage Jumpers And Britmums Live #LittleLoves

by Jessica Amey


I can’t believe I still haven’t started the book I mentioned last week, we are going away on Monday so I’m going to take it with me. I know once I get into it it’s all I will want to do but I always find the first few pages of a new book a bit hard to keep my attention. I did finally get around to reading the pile of magazines that had piled up in my house though.


I watched the first couple of episodes of Mad Men last year but didn’t ever continue, I didn’t not like it but just found it a bit slow compared to some of the others we were watching (cough cough Sons of Anarchy) but I decided to watch some more this week and have been really enjoying it. I’m not sure what Draper’s wife is called but I have a bit of a girl crush on her and I love everything she wears.

I’ve also been enjoying the new series of Made in Chelsea. I only discovered it last year and ended up watching all eight seasons in about six weeks, I was totally addicted. Mr C cannot stand it though and moans every time it’s on!

I also caught up on a new show called The Affair last night, it’s airing on Sky Atlantic and has won an award apparently. We watched the first two and I was hooked after the first. It’s the story of an affair told by both people involved and done in the same style of True Detective where they are being interviewed by police about a murder and retelling the story of how they first met. It also has Pacey from Dawson’s Creek in it, remember him?? He was my fave!


I’m not sure what is going on with this terrible weather but we did finally have one sunny day this week which was nice even if it was followed by a day of non-stop rain.

We all wore our Sunjellies, now I just need to convince Mr C to get some so we can match 😉 -NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!


Cherry also got to wear her sun hat…

sun hat

Last Sunday I went up to a vintage kilo sale in Bristol, it’s the first one I’ve been to and it was pretty hectic. You queue for ages to get in then have to grab as much stuff as you can before anyone else does. I had the buggy which wasn’t ideal but I did manage to buy ALL the granny jumpers, no-one else was even interested which I was rather pleased about! You pay by weight so all of these and a few other random tops only came to £30. I will definitely go again although maybe without kids next time so I can get a bit more involved in the rummaging.


And also, Tiger was sent a footless sleeping bag to try out a few weeks ago. He wouldn’t model it so luckily his big sis who is great at having her photo taken agreed to. It’s age 2-3 so the fact it fits her with so much room is a good thing too as she is four and a half!

There are holes for the feet but the bag still falls over them to keep them warm when in bed.


They are such a good invention, Tiger is always trying to walk around in his sleeping bag and this makes it so much safer. It comes in a range of togs and owl or teddy print. It’s made by Slumbersac and you can read more HERE.



I’ve been having a blast from the past this week and listening to lots of Jack Johnson. I used to love him back in 2007, he is great for a sing-a-long.


We’ve been making some hama bead necklaces this week, they are so simple and great for people who don’t like messy crafting!


And Lastly…

I wasn’t planning to go to Britmums Live but thanks to Boots I am now. I will be going up and spending the morning with them on the Friday which I’m excited about, I also really want to hear Ella from Deliciously Ella speak so can’t wait for that. I’m going up the week before for Blogtacular (thanks to Docrafts!) too so June is going to be a busy month.

Are you going to either of the conferences?



Thanks to Slumbersac for sending us the sleeping bag.

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