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The Great Outdoors

by Jessica Amey

When you’re indoors it’s so easy to spend too much time focusing on small, unimportant things.

They feel huge because when you are stuck inside four walls they are but when you step out into the great outdoors they all of a sudden seem hugely insignificant.


Even just getting out of the house for an hour can make me feel so much happier, in fact lately if I am having a stressful morning and am not managing to get anything done I just go out. Every single time I come back with a fresh mind ready to start things afresh.


That’s the beauty of being outdoors. It reminds us just how beautiful this planet is and how we really shouldn’t waste even a minute not enjoying our time here.

There is so much to see and so much to do and the thought of wasting it sat inside getting stressed because you can’t find the remote seems like such a waste, even though of course we all still do it, please say it’s not just me?!

There are so many parts of the world I would love to visit. I have such great memories of the holidays I had when I was younger, in actual fact, most of my memories are from the holidays I went on.

They don’t have to be about travelling anywhere extravagant, they don’t even have to be about leaving the country. When you are a child you don’t have a list of places you want to visit. You enjoy every moment for what it is and when those moments are spent somewhere exciting with your family, away from every day distractions, they are even better.

There is beauty and fun to be found everywhere.

At the beach…



In fields…


Watching your dad being silly…


At the top of hills…


Eating ice-cream by the sea in the middle of Winter…


At festivals…

beautiful days 12

Even just a trip to the park…

autumn love 7

Sometimes it can be hard to get the balance of being indoors relying on technology and being outdoors exploring right, especially in the winter when it’s cold and rainy. The good thing is that even if the outdoor things happen less than the indoor things, it will always be those that get remembered.

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