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The Weekend Before Last

by Jessica Amey

Last weekend (the one before the one just gone!) we made the most of our new National Trust memberships and visited somewhere on Saturday and Sunday.





It was nice to spend so much outdoors in such lovely scenery but by Sunday Mr C did admit that he was a bit National Trusted out.

He does enjoy doing those things but I think he starts to miss the grease and grime of his car after a while!

This weekend made up for it though as we spent Saturday at a bike event full of Hell’s Angels and yesterday at a vintage car show (more about this coming up on the blog soon).

It’s usually a pretty good balance if we try and do something car-related on one day and something else on the other day. Although I’m pretty sure that if Mr C had his way he would choose to spend every weekend doing car-related things!

I don’t mind though, before having kids I would have found it a bit boring to spend all my time going to car shows but the kids absolutely love it and it’s nice to spend the day as a family no matter where we are.


Then the weekend after that he will get to experience things from the other side as we are going up to London and will be visiting The Handmade Fair on the Sunday. I can’t wait!

It will be interesting to see how we work things when the kids are old enough to voice their opinions on what they want to spend the weekend doing.

How do you split your weekends so everyone has a chance to do something they enjoy?

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