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Hanging Out At A Motorbike Show

by Jessica Amey

Anyone who knows me or follows me on social media will probably know about my obsession with Sons of Anarchy.

If you haven’t heard of it then it’s a box set series about a motorcycle club in America but even if you are not remotely interested in bikes then I can still guarantee you will enjoy it. Even if for some strange reason you don’t find the main character Jax attractive you will still enjoy it. My sister doesn’t like him, I have no idea how we are related ūüėČ

On Saturday we went to a bike show, it was being held on Mr C’s mum’s partner’s farm which is why I didn’t feel too awkward to be there. I did however give my floral skirts a miss when getting dressed that morning!

There were members¬†of lots of different bike clubs there, some had even come over from Italy. I loved looking at all their cuts to see what club / charter they were from. Especially the¬†Hells Angels, I had to try and not get too over-excited! In fact we were laughing about how it’s a good job I don’t get drunk anymore because I would have made a right idiot out of myself!!

Property of a Hells Angel

We had a great day and the kids loved it. Tiger kept trying to climb on the bikes so we had to keep a close eye on him!





The sun came out in the afternoon too so we got to try out these sun creams.


They are both organic and free from parabens.

I chose the Lovea spray cream for Cherry as she doesn’t like me spreading thick cream on her. It smells of lavender which went down well as it’s one of her favourite smells.

Then I chose the Jason sun cream for Tiger as the spray one can’t be used on kids under the age of three. This one smells of coconut which is one of my favourite scents, it literally smells amazing.

I have to admit that although with most products for the kids I go for the organic option, I hadn’t with the sun cream but after trialling these I will definitely be swapping. I’ve had to put lots of cream on them this summer and I do feel better about it when I know they aren’t full of chemicals.


Here is me and the doc having our photo taken by the bikes, I had to go round the back so no-one saw ūüėČ

We were sent the suncreams free of charge but all words and opinion are my own.

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