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There Were Four In The Bed….

by Jessica Amey

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl.

They fell in love and eventually became known as Mummy and Daddy to a lovely little girl called Cherry.

They had expected Cherry to sleep in her Moses basket but she had other ideas. She much preferred to be in her Mummy and Daddy’s bed, and she also preferred to be awake all night.

This meant Daddy had to sleep downstairs on the very uncomfortable sofa rather a lot. This resulted in a grumpy Daddy.

Eventually they upgraded their double bed to a king size. It was then possible to fit three people in it comfortably.

But then came a new addition to the family, a little boy called J.

He wasn’t a fan of the Moses basket either, he had the side taken off his cot and attached to the bed but he still preferred to be right in the bed.

This was all okay until Cherry had a nightmare or was ill and wanted to come in the bed too. Or if J had a cold and sniffled so loudly all night that Daddy couldn’t sleep.

Then he was back to sleeping on the uncomfortable sofa downstairs.

With no spare room we didn’t really think there was a solution until….

We were contacted by The Memory Foam Company to see if we wanted to review a Memory Foam Z-Bed.

Now we have somewhere for Daddy to sleep when there are two children in the bed AND a sofa in the kids room to sit on during story time AND a comfortable seat for Mummy when she is doing night-feeds. Or as it is in the kid’s room, if they are ill then they could both still sleep in their beds but one of us could sleep in there with them. It will also be great for having other kids to sleep over as they older. It’s the perfect solution.

Memory Foam Z-Bed

Memory Foam ZBed

Memory Foam ZBed

The Z-Beds are available in single foam, single memory foam and double memory foam and I am honestly so  impressed with it. It is covered in a warm fleecy material and comes in 12 different designs. I went for beige which is fine but a bit plain so we have covered it in a throw, pink of course!

The only other thing I should note is that memory foam does have a rather horrible smell that lingers for a while. I can remember it from when we bought a mattress with a memory foam topper a few years ago so I knew what it was, otherwise I would have been a bit surprised!

It does eventually start to fade but it can be a bit strong to start with, it’s recommended to leave  it in a ventilated room for a few days before using it.

I now class this as an essential piece of furniture and I’m not sure how we managed without it for so long!!

Disclaimer: We were sent this Z-Bed free of charge for the purpose of this review but all of the words and opinions are my own.

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