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REVIEW: Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

by Jessica Amey

I can’t remember exactly when the first Dyson vacuum cleaner was made but I know that pretty soon after my mum bought one, she is super clean and her house is always spotless so the latest cleaning equipment was essential. Funnily enough I am completely the opposite in terms of my house always being spotless but there is one area that I do enjoy when it comes to cleaning and that’s vacuuming so having a good one is something that makes me pretty happy.

There is just something about knowing the floors are clean, there can be piles of washing up next to the sink but as long as there isn’t mess all over the floors then I feel okay about it. I vacuum at least once a day and sometimes more as due to the kids obsession with glitter and play doh, as well as the mess they make eating three meals a day a the table.

Our house isn’t very big but I still find it useful to have a range of vacuum cleaners to hand so I was excited when John Lewis asked if I wanted to try out the new Dyson Small Ball Multi Floor Vacuum. Gone are the days when Dyson vacuums only consisted of one or two models, now there are so many to choose from. We’ve reviewed the cordless Animal DC59 before but as the battery needs charging on that one it’s not really suitable for cleaning your entire house whereas this model obviously is. The fact it’s suitable for multi floors is a really good thing for us too as we have laminate flooring downstairs, carpet upstairs and vinyl in the kid’s bedroom. The cleaning head automatically adjusts depending on what floor it is cleaning, sealing in suction and there is actually a drive in it too which sucks more dust out of carpets.



This model only weighs 5.5kg making it easy to carry up and down the stairs and the handle retracts down inside the cleaning hose making it really easy to store. One of the things I really love about this vacuum is how easy it is to steer, it sways from side to side on the ball which makes it completely different to most upright vacuums.

dyson small ball

Obviously the other thing that stands out is how powerful it is, you just can’t beat Dyson for their suction power.

Another feature of this model is the fact it’s been re-engineered to reduce noise, this means it is now 50% quieter than the previous small upright machine. Given that Tiger is terrified of noisy vacuum cleaners, this makes my life a lot easier. I expect a lot of teenagers are really grateful for that fact too, my mum would always vacuum really early on a Saturday morning after I had been out the night before, back then vacuums were so noisy and it used to drive me mad!

The hose extends up to 3 metres and comes with different attachments, I put this to good use when cleaning under the kid’s bunk bed. It gets so dusty under there so I slid under and cleaned all about the wall.

One of the features that I couldn’t make use of was the button that means you can empty it hygienically, it’s a great idea but as I have long hair it ends up getting twisted around inside the cylinder requiring me to stick my hand in and pull it all out but if it wasn’t for that then it works well.

There are plenty of Dyson spares available too so it’s easy to replace parts if you ever need to.

And one of the main tests for any vacuum cleaner of ours is can the kid’s use it and I’m pleased to say the fact it’s so light and easy to manoeuvre means Cherry can 😉 Not that she will though, I’m yet to find a way to get them to help me clean, given that I’m the messiest person ever though it’s hardly a surprise!


dyson small ball vacuum cleaner

You can read more about the Dyson Small ball Multi Floor Vacuum and see the full range over on the John Lewis website.

We were sent this product for the purpose of this review, all words and opinions are my own.

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