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Tips For Having An Organised Home

by Jessica Amey

If you asked Mr C to describe me in three words then I’m in no doubt one of them would be messy, in fact he just looked over my shoulder and started laughing at the title of this post!

I don’t usually do this but here is a photo of my kitchen table, this was a particularly messy time but as I have to use it for all my craft projects it is never free from mess. And if I’m honest nor is the rest of my house!


I definitely have some work to do when it comes to being tidy but there are a few things I do to make my life a bit more organised:

I have LOTS of laundry baskets, pretty much one in every room (apart from the living room). Keeping on top of our ever increasing dirty washing pile is something that I really struggle with but having lots of small baskets makes me feel like I’m actually getting somewhere. If I piled it all up together I would just end up setting fire to it all in the garden! There are times when we spend lots of time outside the house (meaning no washing gets done) and everyone ends up with no clean clothes, there is nothing worse than discovering you have no clean underwear so I always try and make sure we are well stocked up. George’s range of girl’s underwear is so reasonably priced and Cherry is a big fan of their Hello Kitty range.

I also have lots of storage boxes (see a pattern emerging here?!) around the house. I have loads for all my craft things and the shelves at the top of our wardrobes are lined with boxes full of all kinds of crap. Boxes are also great for toys and make great storage solutions for playrooms, what I would do for a playroom!!

I have areas where I always put certain things. I keep a notebook under a cushion in the living room so I can jot things down it in without the kids finding it. I also always put my keys in the place (obviously not near the letterbox or in view near a window), there is nothing worse than going to leave the house and discovering your keys are missing. If you want to try something a bit different that the kids will love then this is a really fun idea.

I speed clean. If  I have a spare ten minutes then I really quickly clean the bathroom or hoover the floor. I also get Cherry involved, she loves cleaning the kitchen cupboard doors so I give her a wipe and it keeps her entertained for ages!

I use the notes and calender on my phone. I do have a diary but I end up never looking in it but I’ve always got my phone to hand so it makes a lot more sense.

What are your top organisation tips?

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