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Tips On Designing Your Home Gym

by Jessica Amey

Due to the pandemic, people opt to do activities to keep them busy. One of these things include exercising at home. In fact, some homeowners have converted their spare rooms into a home gym. A home gym can help you keep fit and healthy without splurging money on costly gym subscriptions. However, homeowners often problematize on how to properly design their home gym. So, here are some decoration and design elements you can have at your home gym.

Opt for White Colored Walls

Engineered oak flooring has a dark-colored tone to it. You should prefer lighter wall colors to get a more spacious and lighter feel. Dark-colored walls in oak flooring can make space feel heavier. It is recommended to use white-colored walls as they provide contrast to the dark oak flooring. White-colored walls also offer a more spacious and sophisticated look. You can feel more comfortable and energetic while working in such a home gym. 

Use Light Wood Furniture 

Dark oak flooring goes best with light wood furniture. If you want to use any furniture in your home gym, ensure it is made of light wood. Such furniture provides a more harmonious feel to your home gym. It is best to match the legs of the furniture with the oak flooring color. This can provide a more elegant and compact feel to your home gym. 

Ensure Proper Layout and Space

The layout and spacing of your home gym depend on your choice and type of workout. You should make the best use of the available space to get a healthy and fit life. there should be sufficient space between different equipment. This is needed to protect the equipment and flooring from damage. It also prevents any injuries to you while working out. 

Photo by Sebastian Pociecha on Unsplash

Consider Using Dark Rugs

You can use dark-colored rugs to offer a more contemporary and polished look. The rug will also add a focal point to the flooring and make the space more elegant. The rug will also act as a cushion and protect the floor from damage from heavy gym equipment. A patterned dark-colored rug will give your gym a richer look and feel. It can also act as a soft cushioning while working out. 

Use Mirrors

You should strongly consider using mirrors in your home gym. It not only provides an illusion of a bigger space but also helps you to watch your form while working out. This helps to prevent bad postures and the resulting injuries. Using mirrors can also provide better lighting that can help your workout better. 

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