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Trying To Make The Most Of Small Space Living

by Jessica Amey

If you’ve been following my blog for a while then you will have seen me mention before how our house is really small. We only have two bedrooms and as the kids are a lot older now (8 & 5) we found that them sharing wasn’t really working anymore.

It was fine when they were younger but they had reached a point where we really felt like they needed their own space, we tried putting a divider up which did help with them being able to keep their things separate but then it was bedtime that remained an issue. One would want to sleep and get annoyed with the other making noises or they would just keep on talking / arguing instead of going to sleep so a few weeks ago we made the decision to move downstairs into the living room and give them the bedrooms.

Overall it’s been a success, they both go to bed really well now and Tiger will go straight to sleep whilst Cherry can do crosswords in bed for a bit without disturbing him.

It’s not the best situation for us though, as nice as it is to have them going to sleep quietly and without arguments, we now have a mattress propped up behind out sofa which we have to put down every night!

Our original plan was to buy a sofabed but having looked around it seems like the biggest size you can buy is a double and we are used to a super king so that’s a bit of a downside for us.

I went through a phase of watching lots of small space living videos on YouTube to try and embrace our small house but in all honesty I just don’t think small space living is for us. I imagined the kids would play in their bedrooms but they don’t really, they just bring all their toys downstairs still so we have even less room down here! Our computer is in the living room too so in the evenings we have Matt trying to edit videos, Cherry rollerblading around, Tiger playing with toys on the floor, usually with everyone watching or listening to different videos / music on their devices so it’s a pretty hectic enviroment!!

Right now we can’t afford to move but hopefully soon we will be able to, I don’t want somewhere massive, just a house, in fact a bungalow would probably work better given that the kids like to be near to us! Somewhere with a spacious open-plan living area then three bedrooms so we can all have a space. Ideally a spare room for an office / crochet workshop would be nice too!

Or a large garden with space to build an office would be the dream, Matt used to convert shipping containers into storage units and he would be able to make an amazing space out of those, maybe even with two floors.
Exterior staircases could be a good option for getting to the top level, there could even be a balcony with staircase railings going around the outside to make sure it’s safe. That would make the perfect sun trap and a great space for having a cup of tea!

So yeah, as much as I love the idea of small space living, I just don’t think I’m cut out for it. I need space otherwise I feel claustrophobic, especially with children running around!!

How about you? Are you happy living in a small space?

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