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A Weekend In London

by Jessica Amey

Last night we got back from a lovely weekend in London.

On Friday night I attended the Mad Blog Awards. We drove up to London and cut it a bit fine so it was all a bit of a rush and instead of my plans to meet up with Fritha and Lori before I ended up with 20 minutes to have a shower and get ready before having to leave my hotel. Despite the mad rush I did make it there exactly on the minute of it starting which I was rather impressed about!

photo (20)

I couldn’t believe it when I found out I had made the final five of the craft category, especially as I’ve only really be ‘crafting’ for less than a year. And I may not have won but I was sitting next to the two lovely ladies from Little Button Diaries who did and it was a pleasure to spend the evening chatting to them.

It was just a bit of a shame it was running so late as it meant I had to run off straight after and didn’t get to speak to as many people as I would have liked. I did get to briefly meet Jenny though who is as lovely as I knew she would be, Katie who is just as hilarious in real life and it was really nice to see Morgana and Katie and Becky again.

On Saturday we did lots of walking, Mr C refuses to get the tube as he hates public transport! It was nice though as we got to see so much more, we headed over to the Natural History Museum which is where we spent most of the day, I can’t believe how big it is.

photo 1 (10)

Tiger got to see his first train, it did make me laugh watching people’s reactions to us all going ‘look Tiger a TRAIN’, obviously living in London it’s about as normal to see trains as it is for us to see tractors in Somerset!

Then we headed over to the Travelodge we were staying in to be near to Hampton Court on Sunday.


photo 2 (11)

I love staying in Travelodge’s, you can always rely on them for affordable family rooms that are spacious and comfortable. The kids had a great time and Cherry has decided she wants to stay in hotels forever!

Their walls make perfect photo backdrops too 😉


Travelodge have actually just launched a new advertising campaign which will see £57 million spent on modernising their 500 hotels with in-room toiletries, free wi-fi and king-size dreamer beds. Great news!

photo 1 (11)

We went out for dinner then all went back to our hotel room for some X-Factor watching and an early night.

Then on Sunday we headed to The Handmade Fair. Full post on this coming soon!

photo 4 (4)

We were guests of the Travelodge on Saturday night.

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