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Bissell Vac N Steam Review

by Jessica Amey

The other day I wrote about my love of vacuuming.

We have laminate flooring all through the downstairs of our house though so it’s not always enough as even after vacuuming we are still left with spots of sticky juice and dirty marks.

Which is where the Bissell Vac N Steam steps in.

bissell vac n steam 2

It basically allows you vacuum AND steam clean at the same time!

How amazing is that?!!

You can also use the two features separately, making it a 3-in-1 cleaner.

Part of me was worried that having to do two things at once might mean it didn’t do them as well as products that just focused on one but I was proven wrong. It’s a powerful vacuum and the steam cleaner removed all the marks from my floor easily.

It heats up almost instantly and you don’t get huge bursts of hot steam coming out, it does it silently so you don’t even notice the steam, until you see the marks disappearing that is.

It comes with two microfibre mop pads, one soft and one scrubby, these also come with Microban protection to prevent the build-up of odour causing bacteria on the pad surface.

The dirt bin is really easy to empty and it has an adjustable handle for when the men in your life want to give it a go 😉

Because it is doing two things it is a bit heavier than some stand alone vacuums but I’ve decided that’s a good thing as it’s giving my arm a good workout while I clean, and it’s honestly not that heavy, I’m just really weak!

Bissell Vac n Steam

Bissell Van 'N Steam Review

This product is going to make my life so much easier and is also going to mean we have clean looking floors a lot more of the time.

We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review, all words are my own.

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