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What Type Of Pet Person Are You?

by Jessica Amey

Apart from a goldfish (which didn’t live for very long) I didn’t have any pets when I was growing up.

I did go through a phase of wanting a hamster after being at my friend’s house and watching hers run through one of those plastic contraptions that took up nearly her entire living room but my mum never agreed.

I thought she was being really unfair at the time but now I’m a mum myself there is no way I will be agreeing to getting a hamster. I’m definitely not a rodent person. Plus I struggle to find the time to clean my bath let alone a hamster cage!

I feel the same way about dogs and cats to be honest, I guess because I’ve never had one as a pet I’ve never felt that feeling of love towards them so just see them as expensive, stinky fleabags who stop you from being able to go on holiday.

There are different types of pet people though and I might not be a dog (with the exception of pugs), cat or rodent person but there are some types of animals that I like the idea of having as pets.

One animal I would without a doubt have as a pet is a chimpanzee, I love them and wouldn’t mind the fact it would probably destroy my house. They are so similar to humans that it would be like having another baby.

I also love tortoises and terrapins although I’m definitely not a fan of all reptiles, snakes are definitely not animals I could share my home with!

Insects are out too. I wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing things could escape and crawl all over me in the night.

I do like fish and would happily have one wall as an aquarium if I didn’t have to clean it out…

I think at the moment I’ve got my work cut out with my own little monkeys though so we won’t be choosing any pets to join our family just yet!


What about you?

What kind of pets, if any, would do you / would you have?

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