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Where I Work: A Messy Corner Of Our Living Room

by Jessica Amey

As much as I would love to have an office, my actual place of work is a desk in the corner of my living room. It’s messy, noisy and definitely isn’t somewhere I would call an ideal workplace! It is however the best we can do with the space we have and as long as I wake up at 5.30am I can get a couple of hours of peaceful work time before everyone wakes up.

The plus side about it being in the living room is that when the kids are happy playing I can quickly jump on and do some work, in fact as I write this they are outside making lavender perfume and being near the window means I can keep an eye on them.

So who wants to see my desk? I have actually gone against the blogger tradition of tidying up before taking the photos, partly because I can’t be bothered to tidy it and partly because it shows a bit more of me this way. I’m not a tidy person and never will be so there is no point in pretending.

Here it is, my little corner of the living room where I work.. as you can see the middle shelf has boxes and products for me to review piled on top of my printer and speakers. There is also a folder of bills and paperwork so that I can remember to pay my council tax on time. There is a canvas under my desk that has been there for months, waiting for Matt to put a screw in the wall!

A closer look revealing some positive affirmations scribbled on a piece of paper and my crochet design graphs.

And an even closer look… my vlogging camera and daily planner.

The little card at the back has some things I want to achieve, I leave it out so I can read it every day and help it come true. Oh and don’t you just love my mousepad?! It’s a piece of paper that I scribble all kinds of random crap on, half of it literally makes no sense to me!!

So this is what I see from my side, if I look across to the other side of the room then there is usually something crazy going on. Either Lego being tipped out everywhere or the sofa being turned into a ship. On this occasion the kids were playing hairdressers.

This is how I work, not perfect but it works perfectly well. When Tiger turns five he will start forest school with Cherry so I will actually have a bit of time to work in peace again.

As Furniture At Work show in this video, there isn’t really a perfect place to work, whether you are at home or work they all have positives and negatives. However, what they do say is that you can find the right office furniture to give you the best office environment. I know that I need a proper office chair, that would make my work experience a million times better.

If you need any office furniture then you can find their full range here: furniture-work.co.uk

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