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REVIEW: Cocobubble Kid’s Bath Products

by Jessica Amey

I’ve always been really selective about what bath products I buy for the kids, I avoid a certain baby bath product company (who I won’t name) like the plague because I wouldn’t use products full of chemicals on myself so definitely wouldn’t use them on Cherry and Tiger.

Cocobubble recently sent us some of their products to try out and the kids had a really fun bath-time putting them to the test, they actually said it was the ‘funnest bath they’ve ever had. We were sent some bath bombs (always a hit), some soap paint and the bake a soap cupcake kit.

They have lots of other fun products on their website including lots of eco-friendly bath toys which you can find here.

The products all smell amazing and the best part is that they are vegan and don’t contain any horrible chemicals. No SLS / SLES, mineral oils, silicones, no parabens, PEG’s, phthalates or animal ingredients. Their packaging is 100% recyclable too.

I’m a huge fan and their products would make really lovely gifts too, especially the bake a soap cupcake kit, such a fun idea. Cherry has actually just been upstairs in the bathroom playing with it…

Thanks to Cocobubble for working with us on this post. You can find their website here: www.cocobubble.co.uk

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