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Winning Over The Kids With Goodie Bags

by Jessica Amey

One of the nice things about blogging is the way it benefits the kids, whether it is being send clothing / toys or getting to go on days out, they get to experience things that they might not otherwise. I don’t want them to take it for granted though and I’m always explaining to Cherry how my blog is my job and that I work really hard on it. I don’t see it as being sent things for ‘free’ as I easily spend full time hours running all my blogs and I was doing it for two entire years before I even started getting any opportunities at all – sorry I always feel the need to add that part in!

For a long time she just thought the postman was like Father Christmas bringing her things all the time but I think it’s slowly starting to sink in.

She is still at an age where having to try things on for photos is a bit of a pain though despite the fact she gets to keep the things she tries on so when House of Fraser recently contacted me about choosing a couple of items from their kids clothing range they also send little personalised goodie bags – genius idea!!





Cherry loves anything in a bag and was so protective over it that she wouldn’t even tip everything out to see what was inside!

After looking through the huge range of kid’s clothing I decided on this raincoat for Tiger, I know a lot of people yawn when it comes to boy’s clothing covered in tractors but he loves them so much that I have to buy them just to see his face. He says the word tractor about 200 times a day so obviously he loved this coat, it is a bit big though so I couldn’t get him to stay still enough to take some photos of him wearing it.


I chose this chunky knit jumper for Cherry, she wasn’t thrilled about it not being pink but agreed to wear it on the basis she could wear this skirt with it, she is still obsessed with pink!!


It’s great for this time of year when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat.


How bothered are your kids about what they wear?

Do you buy things they like or you like?!

Clothing c/o House of Fraser.

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