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The Glisten Camping Goats

by Jessica Amey

This is one of many posts about our Glisten glamping holiday in France, you can read about the Geodomes, the Glisten Campsite and our journey there with Brittany Ferries but there is something, or someone who I felt really deserved a post of their own because they were such a big part of our holiday.

They are the Glisten Camping goats.

Roaming around the campsite were two goats and I think they were definitely one of the highlights for the kids.



Cherry called this one her ‘friend’ and this is her looking upset because he wouldn’t talk to her!

camping goats

Glisten Camping Goats

Tiger loved them and would shout out ‘goooooaaaaaaattttttt’ every time he saw them.

glisten camping




One of the lovely things about camping is that you are so close to nature which is great for kids and as we don’t have any pets at home it was so nice for them to spend so much time with animals. Clearly Tiger thought the way you communicate with goats is by showing them your tummy 😉

Goats are a little bit stinky though, I would be lying if I said it didn’t put me off eating goat’s cheese for a while 😉

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