Family Art Studio Ideas – Indoor And Outdoor

Family Art Studio Ideas – Indoor And Outdoor

I would literally do anything for an art studio.

A huge room where the kids and I can go and be creative without worrying about mess. I also love the idea of everything being available for the kids to use whenever they feel like it. Our house is tiny so we have to pack everything away when it’s not in use and it can feel like a huge effort to get it all out sometimes. Okay well sometimes I don’t always pack it away which means we have to eat our dinner on a table full of wet paintings and half finished craft projects. Mr C had to eat dinner for weeks with a DIY lampshade hanging down and knocking him in the head!

For me it doesn’t matter whether the art studio is a room inside my house or an outdoor space, in fact we did buy an old caravan a couple of years ago with the aim of stripping it out and using it as a craft room but unfortunately it had too much rot in the frame and it wasn’t worth fixing it. One day!!

I love the space in the first photo, it’s so white and spacious. You can see more over at Torafu.

I again love all the white in this space and the way there are so many materials on display.

Meri Cherry shares her art studio space in this guest post for The Tinker Lab and I adore it! If I lived somewhere warmer then this would be my dream! In the UK it would be wasted as we would only be able to use it on about five days of the year!

This art studio room featured on The Light Garden is just stunning, so large and white but with lots of colourful art work on display. Amazing!

I love this by House of Humble and it makes me really sad that my own caravan to art studio conversion didn’t work out, this was the kind of thing I was hoping for!

I love the way the artwork has been displayed here. It would also be a great place to hang up wet paintings while you are waiting for them to dry.

This outdoor space is amazing and again if I lived somewhere warmer then it would be amazing.

This art studio looks like a great space and the light must be amazing in the day with all those windows.

Now I’m dreaming about my art studio. One thing I would definitely have is laminate flooring as it’s so easy to clean. Other than that though I can imagine it would end up pretty messy as I’m not the tidiest of people but that’s the whole idea of having a space like this so that wouldn’t matter!

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  1. I would have never thought of using an old caravan like that, what a brilliant idea. One day, you’ll get your big space, I’m sure of it!

  2. Lori

    20 February

    An art studio would be amazing to have, a place just for mess and creativity. Love your inspirational pictures. X

  3. Donna

    20 February

    It would be amazing to have a studio to be creative but I have a long list of extras I’d like in the house and a studio is quite far down it! x

  4. Carie

    20 February

    We do have a studio – well technically it’s a conservatory that the previous owners used as a dining room – it’s not that big though, especially with both H and me in there and as always it needs a good sort out but I still absolutely love it!

  5. Laura

    20 February

    I know exactly what you mean – I would love to have a separate space no matter how small, just to get really creative in and have everything on hand without worrying about it taking up the space of something else

    Laura x

  6. abigail

    21 February

    wow so many amazing spaces, I really love that caravan idea and picture, it would be so good. I’ve been longing for some extra space as its just so limited in our house too.

  7. I once had a dream of buying an old caravan and converting it into an outside study/craft room. I just don’t know if I could cope with a caravan stuck on the driveway the whole time though. These are great examples x

  8. Lia

    22 February

    I’d love a creative space like those! Oh for a bigger house!

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