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Sorting Out My Garden For Spring

by Jessica Amey

I don’t know about you but we don’t spend nearly enough time looking after our garden.

trampoline and cars in garden

I find it hard enough to try and keep on top of all the things there are to do in the house, well the truth is that I don’t stay on top of it. I am literally so busy all day at moment that I haven’t even hoovered for a few days and our dishwasher is broken so we have washing up piles all over the kitchen. I do try and keep on top of it but it’s impossible. It’s weird because before buying a dishwasher two years ago I didn’t think it was that necessary but it literally changed my life.

Anyway, my garden. So after the last day we were out there playing which must have been in October time we basically locked the back door and didn’t even stop foot out there until a couple of weeks ago when we had to spend a good couple of hours picking up all the toys that had become wedged into the muddy grass.

Mr C took down the horrendous looking shed that he built a few years and that was taking up half the garden which has now made me feel like making an effort to make it nice for spring. He left the floor of the shed where it was so we are going to use it as a little decking area because it’s in the corner where the sun stays the longest in summer.

I am going to paint it though, the table also needs painting again as does the fence!

bench in garden

If you look closely in the background of the photo below then you will see our dead Christmas tree!

And check out how tall that bamboo has grown!

garden mess

And no garden is complete without 20 tyres stacked up against the fence 😉

To be honest we could do with looking into skip hire, then we could just shove all our rubbish in a pile until it arrives. We easily have enough old rubbish in the house to fill a skip!


Mr C assures me he will be taking these down to his workshop once he’s cleared a space for them, which knowing him will be never!!

He has to do it soon though as I really want to start getting it all sorted for the first nice day we have. I’m really looking forward to the kids being able to go out there and play, Tiger loves being outdoors and we’ve just moved this trampoline up to the back of the garden so our patio is free for him to scoot around on his ride-along toys.

trampoline in garden

The kids have also been sent this playhouse which should keep them entertained for many an hour.

little tikes playhouse in garden

We actually had to have it up in our living room for a few weeks as they were so excited when the box arrived.

It’s from George at Asda who sell a huge range or toys from things like this right through to Lego and craft kits.

Have you started sorting out your garden for spring yet?

Playhouse c/o Asda

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