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10 Rugs For Your Wooden Floors

by Jessica Amey

Wooden floors are without a doubt my first choice when it comes to flooring options. I would love to have wooden floorboards painted white.

If you don’t have floorboards in the first place or if the ones you have aren’t able to be restored then there are a number of wooden floors that you can have fitted. One of which is solid oak flooring. Each piece of oak is turned into a wooden floor slat about 18-20 mm thick and it’s pieced together using a tongue and groove method. This means you have a strong floor without needing to use adhesives. The downside to this option is that it can absorb a lot of moisture.

Then there is engineered oak flooring which consists of slats made up from 3-12 multiple ply woods. There is a ‘veneer’ glued to the top of the slat which makes it really durable and stop the issues with the option above being an issue. It’s tough enough to withstand moisture and it’s easy to fit / repair.

There is also engineered parquet flooring which is a really popular choice. It can be laid in different designs and makes a great option for bedrooms and hallways as it is easy to mop, something which is important when you have young children. It’s also really durable and fitted on top of an underlay meaning it remains warm underneath.

Reasons to choose wooden floors..

– Wooden floors are timeless and go with whatever look you go for in your home.
– They don’t harbour dust mites, unlike carpets, making them great for people with dust allergies.
– They can last for decades, also unlike carpet, which can need replacing due to stains and wear and tear.
– They are a lot more hygienic, especially if you have pets.
– There are a number of options for all budgets.

The other good thing about wooden floors is that you can change the appearance of them depending on the season, in the summer you can keep them bare as the coolness will be needed then in winter you can put big sheepskin rugs down and in the in-between months you can put lighter rugs down. This can make your home feel real cosy despite not having carpets.

Here are ten rugs that would look great on wooden flooring..

rugs for wooden floors

Or if you were feeling particularly adventurous then you could even make your own! This circular rug can be made by weaving around a circular shaped loom.

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