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5 Incredible South Asian Destinations You Need To Experience

by Jessica Amey

Asia has so many beautiful and incredible places to visit. It is home to several unique natural sites, such as beaches and amazing human-made physical features.

In South Asia, every country, region, city, town, and even village has something special and unique to offer. It is a part of the world where a two-week vacation might turn into a month- long vacation without you knowing.

So, as you fly to South Asia for your holidays, here are several destinations you need to visit before the end of your vacation.

The Maldives are arguably the most beautiful islands in Asia. It is surrounded by sandy beaches along the Indian ocean, making the island a popular tourist and holiday destination. Honeymooners can choose from the many private bays on the island and enjoy their privacy or hit the sea to surf on the rolling waves. The nation also boasts of some intriguing architecture and unique cultural and traditional practices.

You can never run out of places to visit in the Maldives. From Male, Hulhumale Island, Utheemu, Feydhoo, to Maradhoo and many other sites, Maldives offers unforgettable experiences.

When India is mentioned in a travel guide, the first thing that comes to the minds of many people is the Taj Mahal. However, India has many other tourist attractions apart from this incredible architecture. For example, if you’re after an opulent holiday in South India, you’ll have plenty of options to mix luxuriousness and culture in Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala, home to some of the most unique cultures in India. There is a district difference in the cuisine in the south from the north, the south of India’s food tends to be more delicately spiced and here is where you’ll find more vegetarian options.

Each state in South India has managed to preserve its culture and identity, which makes the region an incredible destination. In south India, you will experience historic ruins, monuments, caves, stone temples, historic towns, beaches, and backwaters of Kerala.

Bhutan is a place you should visit if you are yearning for some clean, fresh air. It is the only country in the world known to have more than 70% of forest cover. The landscape in Bhutan is covered with several peak mountains with historical buildings on the slopes perfect for hiking.
The country is the only remaining Himalayan Kingdom and has retained its traditional Buddhist culture.

Sri Lanka
Marco Polo once described Sri Lanka as one of the best islands in the globe. With lush beaches, sensational weather and beautiful scenic surroundings, the island is perfect for a relaxing luxury Sri Lankan escape. It boasts a rich history that traces back to thousands of years and has plenty to discover if you want to take a tour and soak in the culture. The country is small in size but has full of beautiful sites such as temples, tea plantations, jungles, rock fortresses and palaces, tomb ruins, statues, and beaches.

Nepal is a country between Tibet and India that is home to the Himalayan mountains and the peak of the world: Mt. Everest. The Himalayas offer a once in a lifetime experience with beautiful scenes of mountains, glaciers, lakes, and caves. You will also experience the most exotic and unique cultures in the world.

There are many places in the world you can visit and get some of the most beautiful and unforgettable experiences. Most people head south to the Caribbean, but South Asia can offer as much as South American destinations provide.

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