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5 Things I Would Spend My Savings On

by Jessica Amey

There is one area of being a ‘proper adult’ that I don’t do very well in and it involves money, in particular savings (I’m not great at keeping my home tidy either, in fact I generally suck at being an adult!).

Mr C and I are both self-employed which means we don’t have a regular income, some weeks we both earn a lot, some weeks we earn a bit and some weeks we hardly earn anything. For most people this would mean budgeting really carefully but neither of us are very good at that. We are more steak this week, beans on toast the next kind of spenders. Basically if it’s there I find it hard not to spend it and when it’s not there I don’t mind not spending.

Savings are not something we’ve really thought about, mainly because we are both working towards our goals and trying to reach a point where we can achieve the things we want in the near future before thinking about the long-term future.

There are some things that could tempt me into setting up a savings account though and they are…

A road trip down the west coast of America. We are desperate to spend some time over in the states and the dream of spending hours on the road in a huge RV might just stop me from buying another ten balls of yarn. I would love to stop off in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego. SF Girl By Bay has featured some gorgeous photos of San Francisco on her blog, the colours of the buildings are beautiful, so much pink.

This Frank and Olive luxury crochet retreat. I’ve really got into crochet lately, I only learnt how to do it at the start of the year but I spend every evening on the sofa with my crochet hook and yarn and have so many projects I’m working on.

I recently made these crochet headbands, you can see how over on my craft blog: Let’s Do Something Crafty. They were one of my first projects after granny squares so really aren’t hard.

Things I would spend my savings on

A trip to Venice. Mr C and I had a trip there the year before I got pregnant and fell in love with it, it’s such a gorgeous city although I’m not sure how practical it would be with young children and all the water. It was actually flooded when we went, it was interesting to see how it could all end up under water one day.

Anything made by Apple. I am a huge iPhone fan and would love to have the laptop / desktop to match.

And finally I really want to get my teeth whitened, it’s something I’ve wanted doing for ages and although oil pulling works really well (when I remember to do it!) it isn’t quite as effective as the proper treatment.

At some point we will need to start taking savings seriously though. I was recently contacted and asked to tell you about a company called Nutmeg who make saving and investing money a much easier process. You can choose to open a Nutmeg ISA or personal pension and they work with you to build a personal portfolio based on your requirements. You can set up as many funds as you like such as investing for your kid’s futures or saving for a new home.

This video explains in more detail how it works and you can read more here.


Do you have savings?

What would tempt you to be more careful with your spending?!

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