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Vintage Charity Shop Finds And DIY Projects On A Budget

by Jessica Amey

Finding DIY projects on Pinterest is one of my favourite things to do.

Even if I could afford to buy the most expensive furniture (which I definitely can’t!) then I would still opt for finding things in charity shops and giving them a new lease of life. I love the imperfection of second hand pieces of furniture and I also love having a house full of things that don’t really match. Facebook groups are also great for finding old furniture at cheap prices. I recently found these chairs for £5 each and when the weather is a bit nicer I’m going to paint them.


Painted chair DIY projects like the ones below caught my attention on Pinterest a while ago and ever since I’ve been desperate to give it a go.

painted chair diy projects

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As well as finding furniture in charity shops I also love finding anything that’s vintage and floral. Sheets, lampshades, cups, clothes.. It excites me more than anything else as you never know what you are going to find. I have such a collection of sheets now and am thinking about turning some into skirts for Cherry once I’ve got to grips with my sewing machine a bit more.

Here are some of my charity shop finds…



I literally squealed with delight when I spotted these cups!


I love finding things in charity shops because you know they are unique and they can really give your house an injection of your personality at next to no cost.

I also love bright and colourful DIY projects that can brighten up your house like the ones below.

These hanging vases by Peaches + Keen are made from old bottles and look so beautiful. Definitely on my list of things to try.

hanging vases

This DIY photo holder is actually something I made on my other blog Let’s Do Something Crafty. I have mine on the window sill in my bedroom.

DIY-polaroid-photo-frame diy projects

This cutlery has been given a new lease of life with some paint and I love this bright DIY lamp by Pour Mes Jolis Momes.

diy projects

And finally this mug by I Spy DIY has been given a makeover with some dishwasher safe Mod Podge. Something which I need to get my hands on!


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