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5 Things My Dream House Would Have

by Jessica Amey

The house we live in at the moment is most definitely not my dream house.

It’s fine for now as it means we can save up for our plans to go over to America (where Mr C will hopefully find a job enabling us to live over there for a while) but it’s really small and I don’t like the town it’s in. I have had some of the happiest moments of my life here though and will no doubt be sad to say goodbye to it when the time does come. It’s the house we became parents in and where Tiger was born and it’s the only house the kids have ever known but we are definitely ready to move on.

When the time does come to start looking for my dream home there are a number of things that I would want, note this is my ‘dream’ house so I’m not factoring in the cost of them and whether we could ever afford them!

  1. A live-in chef and housekeeper. This would be the ultimate dream as I hate cooking and have no time for cleaning. Life would be SO much easier without having to worry about those things!
  2. A HUGE craft room for just me. In the same way Mr C loves to go off and work on his cars in his workshop I would love to just go into my craft room and create things. There would be massive cupboards full of yarn and a huge table for sewing. I imagine it to look all tidy and organised but knowing me it wouldn’t. Hence why I need number 1 😉
  3. A craft room / art studio for the kids. Cherry is obsessed with crafting and painting so to have a big room where they were free to just go and do that without having to set everything up would be amazing. It would also be nice to just leave projects to go and do something else without having to worry about needing the dining room table.                                                                         kids-making-flowers
  4. An outdoor workshop for Mr C. At the moment his workshop is about 15 mins away but having him outside would be so useful.
  5. A gym. I’ve really got into going to the gym lately and find exercise helps me state of mind a lot but it’s annoying when you go and there are people on the things you want to use. I would much prefer to be able to just go into a room in my house.

TSB have a mortgage calculator so if you are looking to buy your dream home then you can find out if you can afford the monthly payments on a mortgage. I know for a fact that we couldn’t afford the payments on my dream house but I can still dream 😉

What would you have in your dream house?

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