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5 Ways To Tackle Those Early Mornings

by Jessica Amey

In the first year of being a new mum the early mornings were a real struggle for me, made worse by the fact that Cherry barely slept in the night. Then after Tiger I was a bit more used to it so it wasn’t quite as hard. Now things are quite funny in that I wake up super early so I can work before the kids wake up. I set my alarm every day for 5.30am and within a few mins I am downstairs at my computer. It works really well for me as I am very much a morning person but I know for those of you who aren’t the thought of getting out of bed so early to work is a scary one.

I have a guest post for you today with 5 ways on how to make those early mornings a little bit easier…

Do it gradually
Sleeping patterns can be hard to alter, so if you want to try getting up a few hours earlier it’s best not to make it a sudden and drastic change. Try doing it gradually – wake up 20-30 minutes early for 2-4 days and then repeat. This should ease your body into waking up at an earlier time.
Sleep in the perfect environment
One of the keys to waking early is getting a good night’s rest. Try not to use your phone or watch television for at least one hour before bedtime as the light from the screens can disrupt your body’s
secretion of melatonin. This is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycle so it’s a very important one! Keep things as quiet as possible, and make sure the room is neither too hot nor too cold. Try to
give yourself some wind-down time before you go to bed – you could download some relaxation music to your MP3 player to ease you into sleep.
Start the day with a coffee
A popular choice for anyone struggling to wake up in the morning is a cup of hot coffee for that much needed caffeine fix. If you’d rather spend your time catching a few more winks than grinding
beans, you can invest in a handy pod coffee machine to make things easier in the morning. That way, all you have to do is press a button and sit back and relax while an energy-giving hot drink pours
itself into your cup.
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Put your alarm across the room
If you’re likely to hit the snooze button a few too many times before forcing yourself out of bed, try this little trick. Having your alarm on the other side of the room will force you to get out of bed to
turn it off. And once you’re up, you’re up! If you really want to make sure you’re awake – try a Clocky alarm clock, which will actually run away on its wheels and hide from you!
Reward yourself
Struggling through an early morning can be hard, so don’t forget to treat yourself. After all, being able to wake up early is really a gift, and something you can look forward to instead of something
you have to do. Perhaps read a favourite blog, listen to some music, meditate or even exercise. Pick whatever makes you feel good and makes you feel more excited about waking up early the next day. You’ll be less stressed when you have a little extra time in the morning to relax before you go about your day. And always make sure to acknowledge how much this has improved the rest of your day.
 Collaborative post.

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