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A Day In San Sebastian, Spain

by Jessica Amey

After leaving France and the lovely Glisten geodomes behind we decided to stop off in San Sebastian for the day as our ferry didn’t leave Santander until 9pm.

It’s by the coast which is great as it means you can enjoy city life while still being able to walk down and sit on the beach. We took a stroll around the Old Town which was gorgeous, lots of little streets lined with tapas bars and shops. I could have happily explored for hours but Cherry was exhausted and kept refusing to walk any further because her shoes were too ‘sticky’ so we didn’t really get to do much exploring.

San Sebastian old town

We eventually persuaded her to walk (to an ice-cream shop) and my gosh the ice-cream was the best I’ve ever had in my life. They had so many flavours but I went for amaretto and Cherry went for Kinder Egg, poor Mr C is allergic to dairy so had to have boring old sorbet!

We went for a little walk and found a park for the kids to have a play, we also found ourselves asking why we didn’t go on more weekend breaks before having kids!!

San Sebastian

San Sebastian park

Then we headed to San Sebastian aquarium.

I don’t normally take photos of animals and fish as it’s not really something I have an interest in but these starfish caught my attention as it looked like they were holding hands, it was really sweet.

san sebastian aquarium

And I had to take a photo of this freaky looking fish, it’s terrifying.

san sebastian aquarium

They had a cinema room but instead of a screen showing films there was a massive fish tank instead, it was amazing, so relaxing to sit in front, although not with two young children who just wanted to run off to the next area!

san sebastian aquarium 2

san sebastian aquarium

I would love to go back to San Sebastian at some point and do some more exploring.

After a long day we headed back to the ferry port and boarded our Brittany Ferry back to the UK. We were all so hungry and exhausted so after a quick stop in the restaurant for some pasta and a strawberry tart we headed back to our cabin for some sleep. You can read more about our ferry journey here.

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