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Bedroom Ideas (If You Like White And Crocheted Blankets!)

by Jessica Amey

I’m always looking for new bedroom ideas.

Our bedroom at the moment is absolutely tiny, we swapped with the kids who now share the largest room and as we have a super-king bed, large mirror, large shelving unit and an extra hanging rail it honestly feels like we are sleeping in a wardrobe!

Since learning how to crochet I’ve been addicted to making granny squares (you can find out how I learnt to crochet over on my craft blog) with the intention of sewing them all together to make a big blanket for my bed.

Here are some of the bedroom ideas I like at the moment, you will probably get an idea of the theme pretty quickly, basically lots of white and lots of crochet!

One thing we really need is a new bed frame too, we upgraded to a super-king last year but it’s still sitting on our king size frame for it hangs over the edge. Beds on legs sell a huge range of frames so we really should get around to buying a new one although given how small our room is I’m not sure it would fit!!

If you love crochet then you can follow my board on Pinterest here, or you can follow my For The Home board for more bedroom ideas.

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