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DIY Valentine’s Day Card and Gift Ideas

by Jessica Amey

Mr C and I have got into a habit of making rather than buying gifts for each other.

For Father’s Day last year I made him this (you can find out how I did it here)…


Then for my birthday he made me this…


He’s a welder so he can make things out of metal which is pretty cool. For Christmas he made a metal sign with Let’s Do Something Crafty (the name of my other blog) cut out of it.

I love receiving handmade gifts as you know so much time has gone into them.

As Valentine’s Day is coming up on Saturday Cherry and I have been making cards. She made one for Mr C too as he’s still her favourite man, so cute.

Mr C is currently working on a new drift car for this summer, it’s an old hot rod…

drift rod

So I used this as inspiration for his card. I cut all the pieces out of foam and stuck them on to the front of the card with my glue gun.

valentine's day car card

Then made a key ring out of shrinkie plastic. If you haven’t made anything with this then it’s worth a go as it’s great fun (I got mine in The Range, they sell loads of colours and all the accessories). You cut, draw on and colour in the sheet of plastic (using a hole punch if you want to turn it into a key ring), then you place it in the oven at about 165 degrees for a few minutes and it shrinks down and goes hard.

This turned out a bit wonky and my turquoise permanent marker was missing so I had to use green but you can see the general idea.

car key ring

card and key ring

The other great thing about making cards and gifts is that it saves money.

Mr C and I don’t have a joint bank account, it’s been on our list of things to sort out for years as it would make life easier when it comes to paying for bills etc.

The problem is that when you do have a joint account you are basically paying for your own present so the idea of receiving one seems less appealing which is why making one is better!

If you want to make your partner something then my top tip is to theme it around one of their hobbies or interests. For instance, I always make Mr C something car themed as he loves cars. He made me something camera themed as he knows I love taking photos.

Do you usually make or buy gifts?

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